About Us

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Dr. Dennis Nimchuk established his Vancouver Prosthodontic clinic over thirty years ago with the vision not only to provide the finest quality of Dentistry, but also to foster continuing dental education by sharing his dedication to learning and teaching with other Dentists. His knowledge base along with his evolved clinical techniques has helped hundreds of other Dental Practitioners become better at what they do and has helped vast numbers of patients to enjoy enduring  and satisfying dental outcomes.

The Northwest Dental Reconstructions Clinic continues, through its newest Partner Dentist Dr. Roxana Saldarriaga, to provide superior levels of restorative dentistry as well as to provide teaching and instruction to other Dentists by continuing to hold educational programs, lectures, articles, and one-on-one mentoring within the established Dental community. Dr. Saldarriaga is a new generation Prosthodontist who has been trained with the most modern techniques and with the most up-to-date technologies available.

Our Clinic has undergone several major and mini renovations to maintain its modern, sophisticated and relaxed environment. We employ the latest technologies such as Digital X-Rays, Digital Photography, Digital Imaging, Computer Easyshade AdvancedAssisted Shade Recognition, Virtual Planning and many other systems to enhance our ability and to provide our clients with opportunities to obtain the most satisfying Dental Restorations, the most satisfying Dental Esthetic Procedures and the most satisfying Implant Supported Tooth Replacements.

stericenter_full2We employ very high standards of disinfection and sterility control through our new ‘SteriCenter’ so that our patients can have the peace of mind of being well protected. Naturally, we also use non-latex gloving and masking and disposables to prevent cross-contamination. For our Dental Implant Surgeries we use Hospital-Grade sterile field systems and instruments, including single-use complete products, instruments and sterile gowning.

furnacewebOur Clinic is unique in that it has its own on-premises Dental Laboratory, also with ‘State of the Art’ equipment and technologies. Our five highly trained Dental Technicians are able to achieve for our patients, highly accurate, beautiful and natural looking restorations, along with the personalized service that only an on-site Laboratory can provide.

hygienistWe also offer a professional Dental Hygiene service, staffed by two highly trained, knowledgeable and very experienced Hygienists. Our Hygiene Department is most important in helping our patients with the maintenance and prevention of dental problems.

At NorthWest Dental Reconstructions we look forward to being at your service. We want to be the best Dental Clinic that has ever served you and to provide you with the best quality of Dentistry.