Vancouver Dental Implants, Vancouver Cosmetic Dentistry, Vancouver Restorative Dentistry:

We are a Vancouver based Restorative Clinic, dedicated to solving demanding problems relating to: Restorative Dentistry, Esthetic Dentistry, Implant Dentistry as well as complete Rehabilitative Dentistry.  We are directed by Board Certified Prosthodontists who have comprehensive and advanced training in the art and science of complex dental repairs and restorative dental treatments.  We contain our own, in-house, Dental Laboratory that can provide the personalized, high quality, beautiful and quick turn-around support service that our patients require and deserve.

Crown and Bridge Dentistry:
We can provide beautiful, natural looking, high-noble metal/ceramic crowns and bridges, as well as metal-free high-strength ceramic crowns and bridges, such as Procera, Procera Zirconia, Empress Esthetic and E-Max.

Porcelain Veneers:
Utilizing feldspathic layered porcelains or pressed ceramics at ultra-thin gauges, we can provide you with the most natural and dazzling of all restorations which can rival and even surpass the beauty of the natural state.

Implant Supported Teeth:
We provide the implant surgery as well as the restorative tooth component. We can do implant-retained complete or partial dentures, implant-retained crowns or bridges. Many times our patients have the possibility of root removal along with immediate implanting.

Complete and Partial Dentures:
For persons facing the loss of their teeth, we can provide immediate dentures. For persons having loose or wobbly dentures we can provide the stability of implant retention, and which often can be retrofitted to suitable existing dentures.

Cosmetic Dentistry:
We provide tooth whitening by take-home trays or by in-clinic advanced chemistry gel applications. We do smile makeovers utilizing porcelain laminates or direct bonding. Teeth can be reshaped and enhanced to even out irregularities. If you are discouraged by unattractive teeth we most likely can help you.

Mandibular Dysfunction:
Jaw locking, TMJ pain, advanced wear of enamel and loose teeth are symptoms of jaw alignment problems. We provide treatment ranging from the wearing of thermoplastic appliances and splints, to bite adjustments, to a comprehensive restoration of the functioning surfaces of the teeth. Our objective is to re-establish a balanced bio-mechanical relationship when we find a healthy sustaining relationship has become defective, disturbed or disrupted.

Complete Oral Rehabilatation:
For persons whose dentitions have worn down or worn out or who have lost a number of teeth or who are dysfunctional due to poor tooth or jaw relationships, we can provide durable and attractive Rehabilitative Dentistry.

Hygiene Services:
Our Hygienists are highly trained and experienced professionals who will take charge of helping you with the objective of keeping your teeth for a lifetime. Gentle care and gentle touch instrumentation along with ultrasonic tooth cleaning technology enhances your resistance to gum disease and helps keep your mouth feeling healthier and fresher.

Other Services:

For other affiliated treatment areas requiring other specialists, we work closely with other specific specialty offices on a by-referral basis such as: Endodontic procedures, Periodontal procedures, Orthodontic procedures, Oral and Maxillofacial Procedures and Plastic Surgery Procedures.