Cosmetic Dentistry

The mouth along with the eyes are the two key elements of human facial expressiveness and communication.  There are few things that will draw one individual to another more effectively than an attractive and radiant smile.  Many studies have shown that people with an attractive smile will get better opportunities, better job offers, and better service in restaurants, retail stores and in life.  People with great smiles and who exude personality are also generally presumed to be more intelligent, more friendly, and more competent than people with less attractive smiles.

Cosmetic or Esthetic Dentistry deals with the enhancement and beautification of the human smile.  A dental provider for esthetics should have an extensive understanding of the three elements which compose the smile, i.e. the lips, the gum tissues and the teeth.  A definitive understanding of how to make these three elements harmonize together in the best way will produce the most pleasing of results.

Our Dentists at Northwest Dental Reconstructions know how to use the latest clinical technology and latest dental laboratory methods and materials to create teeth within a wonderful smile that will be ultra-natural, ultra-attractive and long-lasting. We take pride in helping you “Love Your Teeth”.