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The idea of streaming daily soaps, shows and movies Online is preference of many. These online streaming apps provide safe and secured access to all these shows on air. Download it or Stream it online, the choice is yours. These applications try to compile all the shows of various varieties and genre, to bring out the best list for you to choose from. Staying updated is really very important. All these applications need to be updated with the latest shows so as to provide their users with best experience. So, the newer; the better.

ABOUT Mobdro App:

MOBDRO is one of them. Being one of the latest Online Streaming apps Mobdro, is something to look for. Mobdro can be the destinations where you can binge watch all the shows you want. Mobdro is the most versatile online video Streaming programme. May it be any language or any genre, Mobdro has got it covered. You can stream online shows and movies from all over the world in just 1 click. Mobdro is unique, with features that make in stand out from the crowd. Some of its features include – high quality video streaming and wide choice list to opt from. Through Mobdro you can also recommend and share your favourite episodes to your loved ones with a single click. Mobdro also makes your online streaming experience convenient. You can easily organise your favourite stream or favourite searches with the player history that can always be accessed. If you are user of a handset with limited storage, don’t worry Mobdro is good for you too. It just takes up 29.7 MB of your device storage and absolutely if you are streaming online, it won’t utilise any of the phone memory.


Mobdro is planning to launch its Premium version too which promises to make your experience better. The Premium Mobdro ponders on various features such as-

  1. Yes if you hate interruptions just like many, Mobdro has a solution. The Premium version is free of all the advertisements. No ads and No advertisements. Result? An uninterrupted online watching experience.
  2. Love big screens? Mobdro provides you with ChromeCast Support that helps you to push your favourite programmes from small screen to the big ones. Mobdro Premium comes with ChromeCast integration.
  3. If you love streaming your favourite videos alongside your bed and fall asleep anytime. Don’t worry; you are no longer going to lose your device battery or data unnecessarily. This Premium version comes with a sleep timer. Don’t worry about waking up the next day with a dead phone .Set your timer and sleep peacefully with a nice video.

With many more features lined up. provides you with all that you would ever want in your Online Streaming application. Lined up with collection of new shows from all around the world ‘Mobdro’ is here at your service. It is easy to install. Just an easy Registration, Log into it and enjoy your favourite shows without any worry .You are good to go!

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