Stabilization of Problem Dentures

dentures-customPeople who have been denture wearers for a long term suffer the most from a compromised ability to eat and to be comfortable with their prostheses.  Instability of dentures can create sore mouth issues and can affect a person’s well being and health.  It is no small matter to become a denture invalid.

Denture rehabilitation can be complex, particularly where jaw ridges have shrunken and can no longer stabilize the denture bases. Precision fitting and fabrication is crucial to obtaining the best stability.  Often dentures can be stabilized with titanium implants.  For many people this therapy offers tremendous improvement and relief from years of suffering.  The ability to eat and chew with stable dentures can mean a new lease on the ability to live in health and dignity.

As certified Prosthodontists we are trained to manage these types of problems in our clinic.  We want to help you.