Smile Rehabilitation

Rebuilding or enhancing the appearance of your teeth and your smile…  the Dental Care at NorthWest Dental Reconstructions, is dedicated to offering state of the art, comprehensive, general and specialized dental services to help patients improve and maintain outstanding appearance, excellent dental health and self-esteem and at a reasonable cost.

Smile Rehabilitation may mean restoring a single blemished tooth to look truly beautiful and natural, or it may mean dramatically changing the look, colour and shape of many teeth to create a dazzling smile.  Or it may mean adjusting other elements, such as correcting unattractive and uneven gumline levels or taking into consideration lip elevation levels that expose too much or not enough of your teeth or it may mean widening out the corridors of the teeth to give you that big broad infectious smile that can light up a personality.

As Certified Prosthodontists, we have the expertise to help you with issues of Smile Rehabilitation.  We want to make you “Love Your Teeth”.