Worn Down And Damaged Teeth

If you have tooth wear, you are not alone.  It is estimated that two in four people will exhibit premature wear of their teeth by the time they reach middle age.  Some people accumulate much more severe wear than others but whatever the extent, tooth wear will lead to issues of compromised comfort and compromised longevity of being able to keep your teeth.

Most cases of tooth wear are caused by aggressive clenching and grinding which usually occurs during sleep.  This bruxing effect  is difficult to control and is best managed in its early stages before too much damage has occurred. Once wear penetrates through the enamel surface the softer dentine becomes exposed, leading to an ever more rapid progression of wear and erosion.

When advanced wear has occurred, treatments will usually require expert rehabilitation and restoration of lost tooth structure made with the most durable of restorations. Expert restoration alone however is not the total answer.  There will also have to be the ongoing management of the causative conditions so that the process does not perpetuate. As Certified Prosthodontists we have the background and expertise to assist you in restoring and keeping your teeth.