Replacement of Missing Teeth

Sadly, it is still common for many people to be faced with the loss of a tooth or teeth.  When it is a single lost tooth, replacement can be made either with bridgework or with a single, root-form titanium implant with a crown attached.  Both methods will restore function and appearance.

In the case of having an implant with a crown, the restored condition will be closest to the natural state and teeth will feel more normal because there will not be any connections to other teeth.  This reduces food collection and makes cleaning much simpler.  As well, with an implant, unlike in the case of bridgework, other adjacent teeth will not need to be cut down to be crowned to hold the false tooth.

If multiple teeth are missing, multiple bridges, implant-crowns or even removable partial dentures may be utilized.  Where all teeth have been lost, complete dentures can be made with or without the introduction of dental implants.  As Certified Prosthodontists we can take on the challenge of even the most demanding of circumstances related to the unfortunate condition of loss of teeth.