CAD-CAM Restorations

For Dental Crowns or Bridges or Dental Implants there is nothing more beautiful or functional than a ceramic restoration made hands-on by an artistic Master Dental Technologist. On the other hand if you want precision of fit and strength of material production then robotic industrial manufacture by dental CAD-CAM technology is better.

Coating-and-powder-pressing_tcm197-15021_tcm269-28727Today we have the technology to marry the two systems, i.e. manufacture of the core material by robotic machining from pre-manufactured high strength industrial blocks of material such as zirconia or alumina or lithium disilicate which can then be layered by technology pressing or hand layering of porcelain powders. Subtle colorations and translucencies can then be built onto the high strength precision cores by artistic expression. The result is customized harmonization built with skilled artisanship onto the best that industrial machining offers.

nobel-biocare-ceramic-scannerWe have the capability of utilizing our in-office proprietary ‘Nobel Clinician’ software and our ‘Nobel Biocare’ conoscopic holography five-axis scanner to produce virtually, by computer, any and all designs for crowns, bridges or implant abutments. The designs and data we develop is sent electronically to either Rochester, N.Y. or Gottenberg, Sweden for high-precision robotic milling and sintering. The final esthetic building is done on these industrially produced frames and cores by our skilled team of ceramists in our own in-house laboratory. Dr. Nimchuk and Dr. Saldarriaga provide the oversight. The results are outstanding. We are proud of what we do.