Breakthrough Dental Ceramic Product

At Northwest Dental Reconstructions we use many beautifying materials for our Dental Reconstructions. One of the most important developments in contemporary Dental Ceramics is the e.max system of crown and bridge construction which allows for the creation of ultra-beautiful enamel-like crowns that are highly resistant to chipping and cracking. The singular structure of the IPS e.max system is the patented lithium disilicate (LS2) glass-ceramic (IPS e.max Press and IPS e.max CAD). E.max is a glass ceramic material which is distinguished from previous ceramic systems by four specific features:


• High Optical refractive index:
• High strength:
• Adjusted coefficient of thermal expansion:
• Innovative processing technology:

The IPS e.max system has had quite a bit of investigation by the scientific research community. Many renowned experts have contributed to an impressive data-base of favorable evaluations. E.max has become a worldwide success story with approximately 40 million fabricated restorations now in place.

To date more than 20 clinical in vivo studies and even more in vitro studies, as well as a continuously rising number of clinical studies involving the e.max system worldwide have validated the long term successes of this product. Northwest Dental Reconstructions was a early entry into the utilization of e.max restorations and is recognized as an e.max authorized producer of these crowns and bridges.

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